Ballarat Combine Team

Ballarat YCW will be competing as part of the comined Ballarat Regional Centre in the 2018 Athletics Victoria Cross Country season for the sixth season

The first event is on Saturday 21st  April with the Cross Country relays at Jells Park

Please find below an email re the season from Ballarat Cros Country Committee

Hi Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre (BRAC) Member,

The BRAC Winter series and AV XCR’18 races are under way.

This email address ( has been set up as the major point of contact and communication for all athletes and officials (BH, EUR, WEN & YCW) competing in BRAC races and representing Ballarat in the AV XCR’18 competition.

Prior to each AV XCR’18 round, we will send out an email, asking you to respond with:

  • Your availability to compete
  • Your intention to travel on the team GOLD Bus

Additional information may including:

  • GOLD Bus departure and arrival times (from and to Llanberris)
  • Selected teams
  • Results
  • Photographs

When a response is requested, please return email promptly, so we know of your availability for selection and who is traveling on the bus.

We hope you are fit, healthy and running well to make yourself available to be a valued member of the successful Ballarat combined team. You will help to continue Ballarat’s individual and team success for 2018.

Club Representatives could you please forward this email to any new athletes that would love to come and compete in the Ballarat team.

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Ballarat Cross Country committee.