Ballarat YCW Track and Field Athletics

YCW Harriers has a proud heritage in track and field as well as cross country running.

For many years, our athletes have competed in various competitions throughout the state.

There are lots of opportunities for athletes to compete during the track and field season, including

  • Local Interclub
  • State and National Championships
  • Specialist Meetings

Local Interclub is held at Llanberris Reserve and is generally on a Saturday Afternoon. For the 2023-24 season track competition starts on Saturday October 7th 2023

Click here for all the dates, including the championships for the 2023-24 Track Season

All the individual programs for each date in Ballarat can be viewed here

Local Premierships will be awarded

Men – Div 1, Div 2, Div 3, 40+, U14, U16, U18

Women – Div 1, Div 2, U14, U16, U18

As part of the AVSL season members also compete for a virtual premiership against other clubs in the state wide State League Competition.

The Premiership is decided by a top of the table format


For membership details please click here to see how you go about registering with Athletics Victoria

To compete for points you must be registered with Athletics Victoria.

Membership is from April to March, so athletes already registered in Cross Country do not need to re register.

All registrations must be completed the Wednesday before you first wish to compete

Pre Entry

Athletes need to pre-enter each week on the form that will be distributed

Please keep an eye out for the cost to pre-enter, which will be updated here

Point Scoring for Events

The recently developed AV performance points scoring system will be used. Points will be allocated based on performance with a minimum standard required to be eligible to score. Performance points will range from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 600. Junior and overage competitors, in an event with a specification different to Open, will receive an adjusted score relative to the Open standard. All scoring athletes and relay teams will score performance points for their own age division and for the Open division.

BRAC Premiership Scoring

The scores from each Shield competition will contribute to the Premiership aggregate along with the pre-nominated bonus Premiership Points events that are conducted each Shield Round.

The BRAC Premiership, awarded to both Men’s and Women’s teams for each age category, will be determined by adding the average aggregate score from each Round of Shield to the bonus Premiership Points events conducted throughout the season